When did you last redecorate your room? I bet your room had the same design and arrangement since it was built (Just kidding!). People often redecorate their rooms or their homes to have some sort of change of pace.

Redecorating your home or room changes the whole ambience of the house and gives it a new and a different sort of atmosphere. You must admit, when you are entering a newly redecorated part of your home, chances are you’ll feel a mixed sense of excitement and wonder.

Now, maybe you are bored with your room’s design and want to change or add something to it. Maybe you want to redecorate a part of your room completely. Or maybe you are planning to convert your loft (see loft conversions in Chiswick for more details). Either way, we are here and we have some great ways to enhance your place with some hockey-themed ideas.

If you are live in a country with cold winters and are a sports fan, then there is a pretty high chance that you love hockey. And if you are a hockey fanatic, I’m sure you follow every hockey season and can’t get enough of it.

So without further ado, here is 5 hockey themed ideas to spice up your room.

1. Hockey posters

If hockey is your thing or passion, then I’m sure you own a lot of posters. These posters can jazz up and bring a hockey vibe in your boring room. You can put it anywhere like in your bedroom or the living room for others to see.

2. Reuse vintage hockey sticks

You can reuse retro hockey sticks as a hanging frame or just simply hang it above your headboard or make it as a headboard instead. Old or broken hockey sticks can also be made into a table for your living room or you can even create a mirror out of it.

3. Hockey themed furniture
There is a lot of custom made furniture nowadays like hockey themed furniture. If you are eager to spice things up in your room then you better start looking for the perfect furniture that will suit your sense of style and show others how much you love hockey!
4. Hockey inspired wallpapers and beddings
ch5Wallpapers are a great way to give your room a new look. If you are a big fan of hockey then why not choose a hockey inspired wallpaper and beddings in your very own bedroom right? Not only it can make your room stunning but it can actually help you relax from work or school.
5. Hockey Jerseys


Hockey fans sure have one or more jerseys with their favourite team player’s signatures or autographs. These things deserve to be preserved and well kept. One way of keeping your jersey forever is to put it in a frame and hang it in your living room or bedroom. With the right frame, your jersey will surely stand out among all other decorations in your house.