The game Field hockey is a team sport from the family of hockey. It is also called as hockey or grass hockey. It was first played around England during the 19th century.

The game can be played by both sexes or by both male and female. The game can also be held or played either on a grass field or a turf field. The game consists of two teams that have eleven players including the goalie. The two teams are playing against each other by moving a ball into the opponent’s goal with the use of a hockey stick. The hockey stick can be in a form of a short stick which is made out of either a wood or fibre glass. It is used in order to hit a round, hard, rubber like ball. The uniform of the players can come in the form of shin-guards, cleats, skirts or shorts, and a jersey.  Hockey ball, hockey stick, mouth guard and shin pads are some of the equipment that are used in the game.

The term “field hockey” is used primarily in countries like Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe and other regions in the globe where the sports ice hockey is very popular. When the 21st century begins, the game has become so popular that it is played across the globe. In some countries, like the United States, the game is considered as women’s or girls’ sports. It is the ice hockey that is considered (though not exclusively) as the sport for the men or the boys. It is so famous that is played in every part of the world. As a proof of its popularity, the game has become the national sport of Pakistan. It is also assumed as the India’s national sport as manifested in a number of Indian books, though technically speaking, the country does not have a national sport

During the play, goals keepers are the only players of the game who are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body. Bear in mind that the player’s hand is also considered as part of the stick or the hockey stick. The field players hit the ball with the flat side of their hockey stick. The team who gets the highest scores in goals are the considered as the winner. In some cases, wherein the two teams get a tie score, a draw can be declared or the game gets into extra time.

The International Hockey Federation or FIH is the association that governs the sports. It is composed of men and women who represent in international competitions such as the Olympic Games, Champion’s Trophy, World Cup and World League to name a few. The said association is also responsible for implementing the rules for sports.