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Interior Design Tips

1: Plan appropriately

Before starting with any design or decoration task, the first thing to do is sit down and think about what you want, what elements you can remove and which ones you would like to add. With good planning, you will get better results, besides saving time and money.

2: Customize your spaces

Your home must respond to your needs, your habits and your lifestyle. That is why you should think about what you need most and start with the design. Your house must be the reflection of yourself. This is especially true for interior design for men’s apartments. They must have a unique style.

3: Create a functional space

Each element that you think you add to each environment should have a function, and this is even more important if your apartment or house is small and you have little space available.

4: Think ahead

Many times a remodeling or deep decoration involves a significant monetary expense, so it is essential that during planning not only take into account the immediate needs but those that may arise in the future.

5: Good lighting

It is known that light, and especially natural light, create more harmonious, spacious and welcoming spaces. That is why in the current decoration are taken into account that every space and every corner is bathed in good lighting.

6: Create wide spaces

Do not partition or dividing walls, avoid dividing the environments into smaller ones. It is better that the spaces are unified in the house to create separate compartments, dark and without connection with the rest of the environments.

7: Choose a decorative style

It is not necessary that you follow a style at face value. But you base yourself on it and combine your tastes and the elements with what you have, all to create your unique and personalized design.

8: Look for harmony throughout the house

It would be good to plan your decoration take into account all environments as a unit, choosing the same style, colors, and materials for them. This does not mean that your house will become monotonous, but that you will obtain harmony and coherence in all spaces


To the Welsh Hockey Union (North Region) Men’s brand new web site. We hope it will be of some use to clubs, players and potential players, sponsors and supporters.

For all the latest news, navigate to the LATEST NEWS page. I will be updating this on a frequent basis. Any news items clubs want to publicise to a wider audience, please let me know.

Also, website sponsorship is available at a reasonable price. So, if you know of anyone who would like to help grass roots sport in North Wales, get them to contact the Treasurer.

For the uninitiated, Hockey (or field hockey in some parts of the world) is a fast and exciting sport that is suitable for all abilities and all ages.

Hockey is officially the world’s second most played sport after soccer and is thriving in north Wales.

North Wales Premier Cup Winners Northop Hall in action in 2006/07

The website is still in an “under construction” phase and will be added to over the coming weeks and months. Please be patient and please let me know how I can improve it and make it really useful for the north Wales hockey community. Contact me with any suggestions.

From Tywyn to Bangor, Colwyn Bay to Rhyl and Flintshire to Wrexham, adult and youth hockey is played at all levels. Check out the club section of the web site for more.

A Sport for all abilities

The WHU(North Region) runs hockey in the area and all our clubs have teams in the North Wales League which runs from September to March. All our clubs play in the North Wales Cup competitions ranging from the Premier to the League Cup.

Dysynni Hockey Club – North Wales League champions 06/07

Opportunities for representative hockey

The region runs representative sides at under 14, 16 and 18 while a north Wales “county” side has also played a number of games against local English counties in the past few years. A large number of players have gone on to represent Wales at age group and senior hockey. The current Welsh men’s manager is a product of north Wales hockey.

From the cradle to the grave!

Many clubs have thriving junior sections and plans are in place to begin a boys’ north Wales league in the near future. Also, unlike some sports, hockey enables players to play well past 40. A number of clubs enter strong veterans’ sides in national competitions and some have represented Wales.

The best facilities for playing sport

The area also has the newest and best water-based astro turf pitch located at the North Wales Regional Hockey Stadium at NEWI, Wrexham. The region’s two top club sides’ first teams, Northop Hall and Wrexham play their English league fixtures at the stadium

Hockey themed room ideas 2017

Can you still remember the last time you decorated your room? Are you planning to turn your bedroom into a place of comfort and style? And lastly, are you a hockey fan? Well, if you answered yes to all these questions, I bet it’s time to spice up things in your boring and plain bedroom this 2017.

If your room is located in the attic or loft, you might as well try dormer loft conversion. This type of loft conversion can make the room more spacious thus you will have more space for your things and furniture.

When you beautify or redecorate your room, it will not only change how it looks or its ambience, but it can create a feeling of extra comfort especially when you design everything according to what you like for example a hockey themed bedroom.

Sports fan nowadays are into sport themed room. Imagine turning your bedroom into a place where you can see posters of your favourite hockey team or having your very own mini hockey field through a hockey themed carpet. It will give you that good vibe.

So here are four ideas on how to create that hockey feels in your bedroom:

  1. Make use of hockey vintage sticks

Did you know that you can reuse hockey vintage sticks into stylish and unique furniture? If you are planning to dispose of or keeping your vintage sticks, then you might think of transforming it into a mirror, a headboard or even a hanging frame with your hockey poster on it. You can check all the tutorials on the internet.

  1. Jerseys

If you are a fan of hockey, I am sure you own jerseys of your favourite team or player. Some fans just store it into cabinets, but if you want to show it off, you can put it into a frame and hang it on your wall for them to see. Not only you will keep it from dust and dirt, but you can totally give the room the sporty feels.

  1. Posters

Most fans of celebrities and athletes are poster hoarders. The good thing about posters is it is not that expensive that is why sports fan who still can’t afford to go to the actual games love buying them.

Homeowners who are going for a low-cost sport themed room should never miss out posters. You can put it in a frame just like your jerseys and that’s just it, instant sport themed room transformation!

  1. Customised furniture

If you have the budget to level things up in your hockey themed room, then you might think of purchasing hockey themed furniture like chairs, sofas and tables. This customised furniture will surely make your friends jealous. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and start looking for the prefect furniture and show everyone how big of a hockey fan you are.

Most of us are too lazy and busy to even rearrange things in the room. We get used to seeing things just the way they are because we think redecorating is a very hard task. Well, not all sorts of room redecoration or even a loft conversion can be difficult and costly; it just takes a little bit of your time and most importantly knowing what you want in your room.

5 Hockey-themed decorations to spice things up

When did you last redecorate your room? I bet your room had the same design and arrangement since it was built (Just kidding!). People often redecorate their rooms or their homes to have some sort of change of pace.

Redecorating your home or room changes the whole ambience of the house and gives it a new and a different sort of atmosphere. You must admit, when you are entering a newly redecorated part of your home, chances are you’ll feel a mixed sense of excitement and wonder.

Now, maybe you are bored with your room’s design and want to change or add something to it. Maybe you want to redecorate a part of your room completely. Or maybe you are planning to convert your loft (see loft conversions in Chiswick for more details). Either way, we are here and we have some great ways to enhance your place with some hockey-themed ideas.

If you are live in a country with cold winters and are a sports fan, then there is a pretty high chance that you love hockey. And if you are a hockey fanatic, I’m sure you follow every hockey season and can’t get enough of it.

So without further ado, here is 5 hockey themed ideas to spice up your room.

1. Hockey posters

If hockey is your thing or passion, then I’m sure you own a lot of posters. These posters can jazz up and bring a hockey vibe in your boring room. You can put it anywhere like in your bedroom or the living room for others to see.

2. Reuse vintage hockey sticks

You can reuse retro hockey sticks as a hanging frame or just simply hang it above your headboard or make it as a headboard instead. Old or broken hockey sticks can also be made into a table for your living room or you can even create a mirror out of it.

3. Hockey themed furniture
There is a lot of custom made furniture nowadays like hockey themed furniture. If you are eager to spice things up in your room then you better start looking for the perfect furniture that will suit your sense of style and show others how much you love hockey!
4. Hockey inspired wallpapers and beddings
ch5Wallpapers are a great way to give your room a new look. If you are a big fan of hockey then why not choose a hockey inspired wallpaper and beddings in your very own bedroom right? Not only it can make your room stunning but it can actually help you relax from work or school.
5. Hockey Jerseys


Hockey fans sure have one or more jerseys with their favourite team player’s signatures or autographs. These things deserve to be preserved and well kept. One way of keeping your jersey forever is to put it in a frame and hang it in your living room or bedroom. With the right frame, your jersey will surely stand out among all other decorations in your house.

Top 5 sport themed room ideas 2016

Do you have someone in your family who loves sport? If the answer is yes, then going for a sport themed room is a fascinating idea especially when you’re trying to jazz up your boring loft. We will show you the top five best sport themed room ideas that your family will surely love.

You can never go wrong with a sport themed room because it is perfect for all ages, sports never get old especially for sons, boys and husbands. The advantage also with choosing this theme is that you can have a lot of options that will make it easier for you to decorate. If you have no bedrooms left to decorate, you can always move up in the world with Clapham loft conversions, and create and decorate a sport themed room in your loft space.

Kids love everything about sports like basketball, soccer, swimming and even martial arts. You can always spice up their bedrooms with sport themed wallpapers that will bring out the energy and fun during their playtime. Below are some ideas that will make it possible to achieve the sports vibes in your lofts.

Posters as well can easily alter a room into a place where you can chill and forget the stress from work or school. If you love swimming, basketball or soccer you can have a huge poster of your favourite team or athlete on the wall and immediately feel like you are somewhere watching the event itself and brings back memories of your first ever live game.

Even souvenirs from your favourite teams or athletes can be made into a room accessory like your signed autographs by famous tennis, baseball and basketball players. Jersey as well can be hanged on the wall with a frame on it. If you like to add a contemporary touch or colours in the room, you can always go for any sport inspired wall murals and graffiti.

If you go into some furniture shops, you can see a lot of cool sport themed beddings that your family can choose from. They have these designs that your kids will surely love and make them even excited to go to sleep.

Here are the sport themed room ideas that you can choose from:

1. Wallpapers

You can choose a variety of sports themed wallpapers to give your room that distinct sporty feel.
2. Posters

Similar to wallpapers but gives you iconic images to showcase the types of sports you like and love.

3. Signed autographs (jersey, tennis balls and etc)

Signed autographs are well sought after by collectors. Try giving it a bit of a presentation like putting tennis balls in glass cubes or putting up signed jerseys in frames and you’ll surely have all your sporty friends drooling.

4. Furniture

Displaying sports themed furniture is also a great way to show off your athletic side. Some examples of these include tables with glued together tennis balls as a stand or a bed with a basketball ring in the headboard.

5. Rug or carpet

Sports rugs or carpets gives your room the proper finesse a sports themed room needs.cl4

“Sporting up” your room demonstrates your penchant for athleticism. Hopefully, these 5 sports themed ideas will get you started up in you room redecoration.