Can you still remember the last time you decorated your room? Are you planning to turn your bedroom into a place of comfort and style? And lastly, are you a hockey fan? Well, if you answered yes to all these questions, I bet it’s time to spice up things in your boring and plain bedroom this 2017.

If your room is located in the attic or loft, you might as well try dormer loft conversion. This type of loft conversion can make the room more spacious thus you will have more space for your things and furniture.

When you beautify or redecorate your room, it will not only change how it looks or its ambience, but it can create a feeling of extra comfort especially when you design everything according to what you like for example a hockey themed bedroom.

Sports fan nowadays are into sport themed room. Imagine turning your bedroom into a place where you can see posters of your favourite hockey team or having your very own mini hockey field through a hockey themed carpet. It will give you that good vibe.

So here are four ideas on how to create that hockey feels in your bedroom:

  1. Make use of hockey vintage sticks

Did you know that you can reuse hockey vintage sticks into stylish and unique furniture? If you are planning to dispose of or keeping your vintage sticks, then you might think of transforming it into a mirror, a headboard or even a hanging frame with your hockey poster on it. You can check all the tutorials on the internet.

  1. Jerseys

If you are a fan of hockey, I am sure you own jerseys of your favourite team or player. Some fans just store it into cabinets, but if you want to show it off, you can put it into a frame and hang it on your wall for them to see. Not only you will keep it from dust and dirt, but you can totally give the room the sporty feels.

  1. Posters

Most fans of celebrities and athletes are poster hoarders. The good thing about posters is it is not that expensive that is why sports fan who still can’t afford to go to the actual games love buying them.

Homeowners who are going for a low-cost sport themed room should never miss out posters. You can put it in a frame just like your jerseys and that’s just it, instant sport themed room transformation!

  1. Customised furniture

If you have the budget to level things up in your hockey themed room, then you might think of purchasing hockey themed furniture like chairs, sofas and tables. This customised furniture will surely make your friends jealous. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and start looking for the prefect furniture and show everyone how big of a hockey fan you are.

Most of us are too lazy and busy to even rearrange things in the room. We get used to seeing things just the way they are because we think redecorating is a very hard task. Well, not all sorts of room redecoration or even a loft conversion can be difficult and costly; it just takes a little bit of your time and most importantly knowing what you want in your room.